How to Attract,
Develop & Keep Top Producers

Recruiting in this industry is HARD. As a former home improvement business owner, John Anglis spent YEARS developing a system to streamline this process. Because of it, he was able to build a business that worked WITHOUT him, semi-retire, and position the business to be sold in 2023.

Watch Below to Find Out:

  • 1.) WHY you may be struggling to attract Top Producers (It's not your fault!)
  • 2.) HOW to profile the ideal candidates for sales & marketing
  • 3.) HOW to write job ads to ATTRACT your ideal candidates
  • 4.) How to Systemize Your Recruiting Process so that:
    → EVERYONE in your business is replaceable
    → You can take back CONTROL in your business
    → You can quickly SCALE your business
    → You can work LESS and make MORE
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Get John's 8-Step Recruiting Filtration system today, plus all of these bonuses to help you build a business FULL OF TOP PRODUCERS

  • Cheat Sheets: Sales Position Agreement, Compensation Plan, Non-Compete and Intellectual Property Agreements, Sales Meeting Structure
  • Presentation Template to help you sell your opportunity so you can land the right candidates
  • 30-Day Access to Mastering Mindset Video Series to help you set the tone with new hires
  • (2) 60-Minute Group Strategy Sessions to help you implement the system in your business
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When you sign up for the 8 Step Recruiting Filtration System, you'll receive an email from DocuSign with Terms & Conditions. This is a PROPRIETARY system. You can easily complete those Terms & Conditions (it's one quick signature), and then you'll receive the system. Imagine, tomorrow taking total control of your business knowing that EVERYONE is replaceable, and each new hire is an opportunity to improve your business!

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