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11 Jan 2022
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Are Your Salespeople BLOWING Opportunities Like George Costanza?

On an episode of Seinfeld, George Costanza goes on a date that went well. In fact, at the end of the evening, she asks him up for "coffee." A SALE, right? WRONG!

To her astonishment, he replies: "No thanks. Coffee keeps me up at night." By the time he realizes what 'coffee' meant, he spends the entire episode chasing her to get a 2nd opportunity at the sale, but she never answers the phone. Sound familiar? 

The result? A BLOWN OPPORTUNITY - he didn't recognize the opportunity to close.

The inability to recognize closing opportunities results in less sales, higher marketing costs, higher turnover, lower customer satisfaction, and the need for you (The OWNER) and everyone else in  your company to work MORE and make LESS. This is an ENORMOUS contributor to the high turnover common in the home improvement industry.


When I owned my company, we made four gross sales for every 10 leads issued. And, being a one call close company, it only took 10 trips to make those four sales.

Many companies today only sell one or two for every 10 leads issued. But to make those sales, they needed to make tons of follow up phone calls, emails, and multiple trips out. That means their salespeople work MORE and make LESS, while MY salespeople worked LESS and made MORE.

Which company culture has higher employee satisfaction, higher customer satisfaction, more profitability, and less employee turnover?

Further, business owners with the latter model are forced to issue more leads to make up for that lost productivity leading to higher market costs, and less profits.

This is why many business owners constantly complain that they don't have enough leads, when in actuality, they are not maximizing the ones they have!

What happens to employee satisfaction and your employee retention rate when you don’t have enough leads to issue? When they don't make enough sales, or have to work too hard to make them? What happens to customer satisfaction when salespeople are forced to 'survive' in this culture?

How does your production department feel when they have to mend the fences that were broken by poorly trained or disengaged sales people?

Here are some reasons why having and following an ALPHA Selling System is important:

1. Training and Onboarding: For new team members, a well-documented system provides a clear roadmap for learning and onboarding. It helps them understand the processes and expectations, reducing the learning curve. Further, ALPHAS, or Top Producers won’t work for your company if you can’t show them a proven method to succeed.

2. Professionalism: Following a system reflects professionalism conveying to your prospects that your business operates in an organized and reliable manner, instilling confidence in your products or services so more prospects will become customers.

3. Preparedness: A system allows your salespeople to be prepared for various scenarios. In sales, having a set process ensures that you're ready to address customer inquiries, objections, or concerns with well-thought-out and EFFECTIVE responses.

4. Customer Experience: Consistency in your approach leads to a consistent customer experience. Customers appreciate reliability and knowing what to expect in their interactions with your business. This leads to more and BETTER vital online reviews.

5. Learning and Improvement: If you do something the same way, every time, you get PREDICTABLE results. So, following a system allows for the collection of data and feedback, facilitating continuous improvement. You can analyze what works well and make informed adjustments for better outcomes. (Track, measure, adjust)

6. Sales Conversion: In sales, a systematic approach helps guide potential customers through the buying process. It minimizes the likelihood of missed opportunities leading to MORE sales, LOWER marketing costs, FULFILLED employees, LOWER turnover so all will work LESS and make MORE!

7. Scalability: As your business grows, having systems in place becomes even more critical. Scalability is often hindered by inconsistent processes, making it challenging to handle increased demands efficiently.

In summary, having and following a ALPHA Selling System is a strategic choice that contributes to the overall creation and sustainability of an ALPHA Sales Team. It fosters professionalism, efficiency, and adaptability, ultimately leading to better outcomes and improved customer satisfaction so you work LESS and make MORE.

Elevate Your Sales: Schedule a discovery call to see how ALPHA Sales System fits your company. Click here now!

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