8 Step Recruiting Filtration System

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Attract, Hire, and Retain Top Producers - Fast

  • DISCOVER the 8-Step System to ATTRACT, IDENTIFY and HIRE Your Ideal Team Members
  • REDUCE the Time it Takes to Sift through Tons of Applicants
  • MINIMIZE Turnover Costs by Hiring the RIGHT Candidate the FIRST Time
- From the Desk of John Anglis -

“But John - it’s SO hard to find good people in the home improvement industry.”

If there’s one complaint I’ve heard in this industry more than any other, it’s this one.

And for nearly 20 years, I thought the EXACT same thing.

John Anglis

As the owner of a home improvement business in Connecticut, I was the #1 salesperson (for a long time, the ONLY salesperson), working myself to the bone trying to manage the business AND run all of the leads.

I KNEW I needed to hire new people if I ever wanted to grow the business. The only problem was - I thought there was nobody out there who could replace me. I was trying to find another “John”. Not too surprisingly, I don’t have a twin out there looking for a job.

So I found myself trapped on a hamster wheel, constantly trying to be the #1 salesperson AND grow my business. As you can probably guess, it wasn’t working.

Then, in 2013, we had our WORST year ever - bringing in only $878,000 - and I committed to making a change.

I started experimenting with a number of ways to find, hire and train the RIGHT employees to replace me as a salesperson and to help grow our business.

As a result, I went through A LOT of trial and error. But finally, in 2015, we had a breakthrough year. We hit our highest revenue goal ever at $1.8 million, and the best part was - I was responsible for selling only 5% of the revenue!

I had finally put a rockstar team in place that could not only do what I did - they did it better.

Over the years, I kept tweaking and perfecting those recruiting strategies with each new hire.

We started to see consistent double-digit growth in our business, year after year. After hitting $1.8 million in 2015, we did $3.6 million in 2016, $5.9 million in 2017, and that growth continued.

In fact, the team I was building kept taking more and more work off my plate until I was eventually able to move with my wife to sunny Florida ☀️🏝️ and work on the business just 1 day a week.

With so much extra time on my hands, I started taking the systems I was building on call centers, selling - and how to Recruit a Rockstar Team - and I started sharing those systems with other businesses.

Finally, in 2022, we hit the $10 million mark and sold our business.

But that’s just the beginning.

Because now, I get to invest my time and energy into making sure that other home improvement businesses like yours have the training and the resources that they need in order to grow.

And if you’ve ever struggled with knowing who to hire and how to know if they’re the right person for your company, you’re in the right place.

I’ve designed an 8 Step Recruiting System so that you can get more of the right people applying to work with you - and a system to identify the top performers who can take your home improvement business to the next level.

If you’re finally ready to get more superstar hires FAST, this system will help you ATTRACT, IDENTIFY and HIRE your ideal team.

It’s designed to reduce the time it takes to sift through the countless applicants you get these days and minimize turnover costs by hiring the RIGHT candidate the FIRST time.

If you’re ready to FINALLY build the team that can run your home improvement business without you, the 8-Step Recruiting System is for you.

Now, the next time you hear someone say, “It’s SO hard to find good people in the home improvement industry” - you can share the Cheat Sheet with them. (Or, you can keep it as your own personal secret weapon. I’ll leave that up to you.)

What Clients Are Saying

“I bought John Anglis’ recruiting manual and we have interviews lined up already. Huge response to the ads with excellent qualifications. None of the sales people that I’ve worked with would have made it through the phone screening and I have live interviews scheduled with some excellent prospects. Super excited because this gives me all the control I need over the growth of this company. I am jacked!”
Sam Wilson
Kingdom Contracting

If you’re a Business Owner or Manager in a Home Improvement Company Who Wants To:


Minimize the Risk of Hiring the Wrong Person

Get More Predictable Hiring Results 

Save YOUR Valuable Time

The 8 Step Recruiting Filtration System is FOR YOU!