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11 Jan 2022
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What Your Competitors are Getting ALL Wrong About Quality vs. Quantity (And Where YOU Can Get the Edge)

Your competitor may be doing THIS right now: 

They’re struggling to stand out in the marketplace to get more leads and close more sales, so they resort to a pricing battle as their primary strategy. 

They believe that by undercutting competitors, they'll attract more business and make up for it in volume. However, this approach is fundamentally flawed and can be detrimental to business success.

Having mentored companies since 2011, I've encountered a common misconception: the focus on minimizing time spent on each project. The question shouldn't be how QUICKLY one can complete an in-home visit. Rather, profitability hinges on spending adequate time with FEWER prospects, ensuring that value is communicated effectively.

Too often, companies rush through appointments, offering brief presentations and promises of emailed estimates without truly differentiating themselves. In a sea of similarly vague bids, success is left to chance rather than strategy.

The key lies in shifting focus from QUANTITY to QUALITY. By implementing a scripted qualification process, businesses can ensure that every lead is worth pursuing. 

This involves: 

  1. Confirming the prospect's need; 
  2. The presence of all decision-makers; 
  3. The availability of those decision makers — a crucial step often overlooked in the pursuit of sheer volume.

While this approach may yield fewer appointments initially, it sets the stage for sustainable growth. By investing time in understanding the customer's needs and presenting a compelling value proposition, you can distinguish yourself from your competitors and earn the right to charge higher prices. 

To support this shift, you must integrate effective scripting and provide continuous training to staff, emphasizing a BALANCE between quality and quantity. Though this may result in fewer appointments, the potential for higher conversion rates and increased profitability outweighs the short-term sacrifice.

At the heart of this strategy lies the necessity of a robust pricing model — one that prioritizes fair profit margins to support both the business and its customers in the long term. (Top help you with this, download a free copy of my ALPHA Price Model here.) 

Ultimately, building a successful home improvement business requires a paradigm shift—from chasing every lead to prioritizing quality engagements

By implementing effective qualification processes, and focusing on adding value, your company can differentiate itself, ensure consistent and profitable revenue, and ultimately develop into a sustainable, ALPHA Business model that works without the owner.

Want some guidance on how the ALPHA Sales Training System helps you build the business you always wanted? 

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