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11 Jan 2022
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The Key to Maximizing Your Sales: Recruiting Top Producers

Don't you wish your could just snap your fingers and your dream Sales Team would appear?

(Or like Anchorman's Ron Burgundy, you could just blow into a conch shell to get your trusty News Team to appear!)

The thing is, leads are getting more and more costly every day. And when you have "beta" salespeople (as opposed to "ALPHAs") running them, they fail to deliver the ROI you deserve.

This predicament often leads to owners shouldering more appointments than necessary or dealing with talented terrors who wield their skills at their whim, all while knowing their indispensability.

The outcome? A toxic work environment, endless workweeks, dissatisfied customers and employees, and soaring marketing costs — jeopardizing the profits you rightfully deserve for the risks you undertake in running a home improvement company.

Don't worry, because you're not the only one! It's tough for companies to find really great salespeople no matter what business they're in.

Many companies seek "alphas", or top producers, but they often have a hard time finding and keeping them. The thing is, alphas make up only 3% of the population. And the ones who already know the industry are usually doing great where they are, so companies end up thinking about hiring people who don't have experience in the field.

At my former home improvement company, I embraced a meticulous approach to candidate profiling and assessment, leveraging my years of expertise in DISC personality profiling. By profiling ideal candidates, crafting job ads to attract them, and posing insightful interview questions, we efficiently differentiated alphas from betas.

This method enabled me to assemble an alpha-centric call center, sales, and production departments, propelling our company to new heights.

Furthermore, we understood the necessity of offering competitive compensation packages to attract top talent. After all, the competition for skilled individuals mirrors that of the fierce battles waged at the kitchen table.

Additionally, for those hires without industry experience, we recognized that alpha is more than just a skill set—it's a mindset. Hence, implementing a robust sales training framework was imperative to nurture and empower the alphas on our team for long-term success.

Next week, I'll be sharing more of my secrets to building a team of alphas.

Register and join me live for "How to Attract, Develop & Keep Top Producers" - Wednesday, May 8 at 11am ET.

I hope to see you there! 

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